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I just wanna point out some things that people have been asking repeatedly through notes:

1. If you want this guy  King Of The Underworld by oKaiba  he comes with his human form  Captura de pantalla 2015-06-12 a la(s) 10.04.01 by oKaiba  along with his 16 fan arts (a mix of animal and human forms) and costs around $70. Please keep in mind that whenever I say 'around' it means you can haggle for it, I actually welcome you to do so.

2. As I have explained to those who asked privately, Kaiba's wolf form  oks by oKaiba  and Khanios wolf form  ok by oKaiba   are around $210 each, that's their final price if you preferred to buy directly instead of bidding. However, does it mean you can't ask for a lower price? Absolutely not. If you keep asking for a different price and I perceive that you really want one of my characters, for example saying "Hey I only got $120 but I really really want him" then there is a pretty high percentage I will agree to your offer. I have done it for most of my already sold character, usually lowering 20 or 30 dollars for each when someone was really interested. I enjoy it when people show eager interest in my boys and not a just 'hey maybe I am lucky and can get a cool design for cheap' (which is the impression I get whenever someone notes me asking for the price and running away as soon as I tell them).


That's right. I have finally come to terms with myself that things around here just don't excite me as they used to. I have loved all my characters, every single one of them but there comes a time where you just feel you need to pass them to new people who will take care of them and enjoy them just the same way you did when you were into the groove.

That being said, they are all up for sale. Did you ever got a liking for one of my original characters? well here is your chance. There are only 2 guys that I am not selling: Khanios (I am only keeping his human form, the wolf form can be sold) and Brayden (I am keeping both his human AND wolf form, he means a lot to me). Aside from those 2 everyone is for sale, it doesn't matter if a certain character only appeared once in my gallery, if you liked him I'll sell it to you, yes that includes Kaiba's wolf form. Hell, even if its a character not featured in my gallery but you remember it I will still sell it.

Regarding payments, I gotta be honest, with a few exceptions, most of the designs will be between $8-30 dollars. The only ones that would have a higher price are those that come with a lot of quality extra fan art; but if they don't… they will be very cheap. So if you want an specific price just send me a note, I am open to bargains and even different methods of payment: I am into militia/warrior cosplay and my sister is into lolita cosplay (yes I know, 2 very different themes) so if you have something in RealLife that you think could be used for that kind of cosplays or wigs then I will gladly accept the offer in exchange for a character, also, I love Deadpool and would totally accept deadpool merchandise (even if its been used) as payment. I will not accept fan art or DA points.

This super sale also includes designs I have bought from other artists, some designs are mentioned here   [YEVREN and MORE ADDED!!] Reselling in OTA style!Yep! Actually updating the last journal. Offer to adopt
1. Steamed-bun   he comes with AWESOME fan art. He costed me $50 and his fanart was $100 because it was from a popular talented artist. However I will not charge the price of the fanart at all, it will come for free with him.
2. From k-m-i-r  He's going for $7
23. From Khuro   he can be yours for $2 
Also this boy and his human form   (or you can buy only one form) he comes with extra art
This journal is linked to this one!
  while others aren't because I can't remember them (but if you do point the design will be included in the offer of this journal too). I am accepting bigger bargains for these designs as well with prices ranging from $5 to $20 (that can be paid in different method too).

Well, that is all I wanted to tell you guys :) life is getting more challenging and cool but that is part of its spice ;)

Take care and thanks for your time and consideration!

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